Today’s business owners need advancedtools to manage theirbusiness.


That’s why CorpStrat developed a fully-integrated business services solution that combines payroll, benefits, and compliance tools, integrated with our HR automationsoftware.



Businesspayrollmanagedbyrealpeople.Weget the software to do all the number work, and a business-savvy support specialist provides help, strategy,andsolutions.


We’rebasedinCalifornia,withtheknow-howto helpCaliforniacompanies.Getexpertassistance withyourHRpolicies,employeehandbooks,and statecomplianceprocedures.


Experiencedbrokersyoucantrust.Whenitcomes to benefits the secret is having a broker who knowstheins-and-outsofyourbusiness,andthe insurancecompanies.


CorpStrat simplifies the management of payroll, benefits, and compliance with integrated HR managementtoolsliketimekeepingandemployee communications.


Everything you need in one place.

CorpStrat is Ready to Help

We have over 30 years’experience building and negotiating employee benefits plans.

Best-in-class customer service. We set every client up with a dedicated account manager. No call centers –ever.

We provide real solutions with a hybrid approach, combining cutting-edge cloud solutions with business experts.

Fewer hours spent googling HR and legal concerns, thanks to automated compliance tools & HR consultation support.


Our Happy Customers Include…


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